The #1 best-selling author, human rights activist, and founder of Rebel News, Ezra Levant, returns with a jam-packed review of Justin Trudeau's disastrous term as prime minister.

Trudeau wasn’t properly vetted by the media in 2015. He slouched across the finish line on the strength of his last name and Baby Boomer nostalgia for the Trudeaumania of the 1960s.

But this time it'll be different, thanks to Ezra's brand-new book, The Libranos:  What the media won’t tell you about Justin Trudeau’s corruption.

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What's in the Book

The Libranos is the story of grifters and scammers, of secret favours for friends, of sociopaths who don’t hesitate to break the law if it gets them ahead.

But mainly it’s about an unaccomplished playboy who had nothing to offer but a famous last name and nice hair — and how he took power anyway, and might just do it again.

The Libranos is the case against Justin Trudeau. But it’s not about any one policy or gaffe.

It’s about the real threat posed by Trudeau: the culture of corruption and cronyism that he has injected into government that’s corroding our democracy and even our rule of law.

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