In bombshell testimony before Parliament, former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould meticulously detailed the corruption in Justin Trudeau’s office on behalf of the scandal-plagued Quebec engineering firm, SNC Lavalin.

Wilson-Raybould described how Justin Trudeau, his chief of staff Katie Telford, his principal secretary Gerald Butts, and other senior staff illegally pressured her to drop criminal charges against the company.

This is no longer just a matter of political ethics — Section 139(2) of the Criminal Code says that obstruction of justice can carry a ten-year prison sentence.

15 years ago, Ezra Levant and the Western Standard magazine created "The Libranos" poster — a satirical image of Liberal ministers of the Chretien era who corrupted politics. Well, the Libranos are back, with a new generation of corruption under Justin Trudeau.

The Rebel is offering an updated version of the popular "Libranos" poster because Trudeau and his team are as corrupt as ever.

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But get this: In advance of this October’s general election, Ezra Levant will be releasing a book on The Libranos!  It’ll be the best take-down of the Trudeau government going — the definitive account of every Liberal misstep!

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