LEGAL DOCS: I’ve officially appealed my $3,000 fine for writing a book about Justin Trudeau

In 2019 I published my best-selling book, The Libranos: What the Media Won’t Tell You about Justin Trudeau’s Corruption.

It’s 2021, but Trudeau is still prosecuting me for that book. He's spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and deploying half a dozen police, lawyers and bureaucrats to silence me. They claim that my book was illegal, that I had to register with the government, because it criticized Trudeau by name during an election year.

They are really, really mad at the cover of the book — they said the cover picture was mean to Trudeau. I’m not even kidding, they said that. You might recall that last year, two 30-year veterans of the RCMP interrogated me about the book for an hour. I secretly recorded that interrogation, because I knew that no-one would believe me without it. Police interrogating an author, in Canada? Unthinkable. 

Well, it happened. And — no surprise — they convicted me, fining me $3,000. 

What do you think I should do? Should I pay it? That would be the financially smart thing to do. Because appealing this censorship fine will surely cost $30,000. Why would I spend ten times as much to fight the fines? Because: freedom. That’s why. So our lawyers just filed a seven-page appeal of this fine.

You can read it here, in full, at the bottom of this page.

If Trudeau thinks I’m going to shut up about him, he’s dead wrong. It is my goal not only to overturn this conviction, but to have a real judge in a real court remind Trudeau that he’s not a dictator in Communist China — he’s just a politician in a country where freedom of speech is the law, not a partisan favour he can give or take away from people based on their allegiance to him.

There were 24 books about Trudeau published in the last election, and mine was the only one investigated, prosecuted and fined. Pretty obvious why, don't you think? 

Help me fight this censorship. Please go to, where you can chip in to help cover the costs of our legal action.


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